Michael Capizzi’s* family came to America from Italy with their eye on the American dream. The family took up residence in Niagara Falls, and in 1960 Michael Capizzi’s dream came alive when, having started out as only a hourly employee, Michael was able to buy the restaurant he worked at and open the Original Michael’s Restaurant.
Specializing in Italian and American cuisine prepared in the Old World manner, every dish served is a reflection of family, good friends, and tradition.

*What does the Capizzi name mean?
Southern Italian: habitational name from a place named Capizzi, in Messina province, Sicily.

The Legend Continues
Michael Capizzi’s dream has continued to grow, and
nurtured by the culinary skills of the Capizzi family, “Michael’s Italian Restaurant” is now one of the most popular Italian American restaurants in Niagara Falls. Serving traditional dishes of both countries in a tastefully created atmosphere, Michael’s conveys the charm and warmth of an Italian bistro.
The celebration of food, highlighted by wonderful family cooking secrets, makes dining at Michael’s Restaurant a memorable experience you will come back for time and again.
divertirsi! (Enjoy!)